Suspenders for Men

If you think that suspenders are obsolete and archaic, then you are mistaken. It is a classic wardrobe item that when worn properly and in the proper setting can add excitement to your style. Learn how to rock a suspender and wear one for a change and you will surely catch everyone’s attention.  

 How to Wear Suspenders
Suspenders are fastened to the waistline of the pants. There are two ways to do this; with a clip-on or button–sewn The most common way of wearing suspenders is with a clip-on. Clips are attached to the ends of suspenders and these clips are attached to the waistline of the pants at the back and front halfway from the back seam and the crotch seam. Suspenders attached with button-sewn are provided with a set of buttons meant to be sewn into the waistband of pants. This type of suspenders has button holes or loops of leather or faux leather at the ends of the suspenders rather than the clips. These button holes or loops are slipped over the buttons sewn on the pants to secure the pants. Suspenders should be worn with pants without belt loops and never with belts. Picture is used with the copyright agreement with the PR PHOTOS

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